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Thursday, January 10, 2008

And now for something completely different...

For all those keeping track, I haven't been around in a long long while. You see, I was foolishly captivated by travel, and family, and 14 hour long Battlestar Galactica marathons.

But no more! I am back!! And to celebrate, you should all read this hilarious article about the deplorableness of the shrinking size of ladies' underwear ('Pants' to the British). Not that this article necessarily embodies my opinion on the stuff, but it is a highly amusing look at the shrinking size of the ladies' knickers.

This made me cry at the office:
'In other words, to break this right down, how many times this year have you suddenly, unexpectedly, had sex in a brightly lit room, with a hard-to-please erotic connoisseur? Exactly. On those kind of odds, you might just as well be keeping a backgammon board down there, to entertain a group of elderly ladies in the event of emergencies. It’s more likely to happen.'


  • Wait... people still wear underwear? I have one word for you: commando.

    I've always wondered about that: why is it called "going commando?" Does the military have some sort of shortage of unmentionables that forces them to withhold undergarments from their elite forces? If so, wouldn't it make more sense to keep the really specialized troops happy by letting them have their tighty whiteys and taking the underoos away from regular infantry? And are military fun-factory-slipcovers white, or do they specially order green to match the rest of the outfit? What about for desert camouflage? Do we have troops running around in sand colored Johnson hotels?

    Yes. This was merely an exercise to see how many (non-profane) euphemisms I could come up with for what we wear down there.

    PS I find it highly amusing (and appropriate) that my verification word for this comment was "brahag."

    By Blogger Dave, at 6:30 AM  

  • Did you say Battle Star Gallactica Marathon??!!! How could I have missed this? I am still left hanging after season 2, with no news of when season 3 might become available on DVD so that I might catch up. It's wrong I tell you!!!

    On a side note, I really enjoyed the article. I think I should start a burlesque undergarment business...I'd be sure to stock plenty of frilly and interesting 'big pants,' along with seamed hosiery, corsets, camis, and garters amongst other things.

    By Blogger Inoui, at 5:47 PM  

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