Snap Judgments for the Undeserving

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Once Again...

My Blog is undergoing a mysterious transformation into a Travel Blog! I believe I echo the general sentiment when I say: "Woooooooo!".

What strange and bewildering adventures will I experience in Southern Germany? Just how easy is it to get arrested in Switzerland?? Exactly what animal parts are involved in Polish Sausage?!?!

All these questions and more I will probably ignore while I take an intensive language class for the next two months in Ulm, Germany. So yes, my blog will be a bit more boring, or as I like to say "fascinating", for the next few months ... just bear with me.

Tomorrow: my odyssey towards Ulm begins, with a flight to Pittsburgh! However, I think that for all of our sakes I'll skip the wonders of Pittsburgh and just report in on Germany. More after the jump -

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A weekend of Culture...

This past weekend, Bridget and I were graced by the presence of the fabulous Gecko (ok, you can call her Laura) and Tom, and whiled away our weekend participating in the objectifiction of women ... or neo-feminism ... depending on which you prefer.
Tom, attempting to abscond with Gecko:

First on our list of ogling was: The Cherry Pop Burlesque

Here we are after the show ... uh, except that I'm taking the picture.

Of all the preformances, the one that most stunningly captured the art of true burlesque was probably Michelle L'amour's
I recommend watching the amazing Michelle in the risqué Snow White Burlesque which she preformed for us:

Then, we followed up the Burlesque with some good old fashioned Madison Roller Derby!!!

Tom, inspired by the excess of PBR and scantily clad women, apperantly believes himself to be at a Frat party.

The "Unholy Rollers," about to take the floor with their mascott, an increadibly disturbing leather clad man.

And finally, an example of one of the matches:

Roller Derby is awesome ... by the end of the evening I was jumping up and down and screaming "Kill Kill Kill!!!!" and I only fit in with the crowd. Amazing.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Copper Chef - Pimped out snack edition

Thanks to everyone who made the second annual Copper Chef (for anyone not in the know, a layman's version of Iron Chef) a resounding success. We have Klayr and Tim to thank for the totally bizzare theme of the party, Pimp My Snack, which lead to the creation of many things that perhaps might have been better left un-made* ... in other words, FUN :)

This time we had a baby to distract us!
(I assume an evil plan on the part of Team Achilles)

We pick the ingredients...

Sandy and Beth begin work on the pimped-out Golden Grahams:

The final products ... along with winner: the Pimped out Sushi Roll from team "Multiple Textures**"

Amy appreciated the Reeses Mothership created in honor of her birthday:

And to round out the evening, Marion experiences the freaky massage chair:

*yes, I am referring to the Marshmallow Jesus
**Ok, I can't remember the name of Team Amy & Jeff ... help?

Monday, May 08, 2006

What I've been up to...

Horray for the semester being over and being back in America! Mostly what I've been doing for the past three weeks has been writing two truly atrocious papers. However, I did have some time for some other stuff ... which included:

"helping" Amy and Greg move into their new house!

Celebrating my darling little brother's birthday:

And going up to Twig, Minnesota for the weekend:
(Apperantly so that Bridget could be trounced by her mother at Ping-Pong)