Snap Judgments for the Undeserving

Monday, February 26, 2007

Davinport gets married!!

Oh yes, in a startling turn of events the universe has bent around us and Davin, the Snapbro, confirmed bachelor and politico extraordinaire, has found a nice, pretty girl who wanted to marry him. No seriously. It happened. I have pictures.

The event took place a couple of weeks ago, and a fabulous time was had by all.

The happy couple ... and a bunch of Georgetown people
(no, I don't have a better picture, you'll have to see the professional pictures, info at the bottom of the page)

Dad, giving (apparently terrible) directions to Glen:

I was a bridesmaid ... it seems I was very excited about this

The Walther women (my 2 aunts, mom, and cousin) breakin' it down!

A la Amy and Greg's wedding, here's where we all do the electric slide to "Sweet Caroline" and blow the band's mind:
(The band, The Mr. Lucky Swing Syndicate, was fantastic!)

Becky, Greg and I scooby around to what I assume must have been "Secret Agent Man"
Amy, although present, was wise enough to abstain.

For more, and better, pictures of this event please visit Picture my Wedding Online
The wedding code is: KWDF020907
Or you can type the last name: wermers/fischer

Monday, February 05, 2007

Copper Chef III: Revenge of Wisconsin

To celebrate my return to the great tundra wasteland ... uh, I mean, delightful winter slopes of Wisconsin, a Copper Chef cooking competition was clearly in order!! The theme, appropriately enough, was 'Wisconsin'

Items from the homeland - or at least, that remind us of the homeland

(I guess soy nuts make Amy think of Wisconsin .... go figure)

Team J (yes, Jeff is our mascot) deliberates

This competition raised many deeply profound and esoteric questions such as:

How many items can you deep fry in 1 hour?

How many Posts at the cooktop until a fire breaks out??

And perhaps must importantly...

What would Alton do???

Also there was some cuteness:


In the end many yummy things were created...

Team 'Deep Fry' presents:

The Results:

Due to an incident of election fraud, no winner could be declared (*cough* team 'J' *cough*), but I'm pretty sure that team Dumbledor's Army's maple leaf shaped summer sausage garnish will be etched permentantly onto our retinas. Also, team Deep Fry is welcome to visit me any time :)